In 1964 Sri P Gopalasetty, the Chairman laid the foundation for PG Setty as a family business in Kushalnagar, Coorg Dist. Post working as a site supervisor for 2 years (1962-64), he established the start of PG Setty with confidence and aspiration. Some of our major projects during the 60’s also include; Rehabilitation work for the Tibetan resettlement (High visibility project) and other Infrastructure projects.

In the 1970s, the family business translated to a partnership firm by the name of M/S P Gopala Setty registered as a class I contractor for the Government of Karnataka. The successful outcome of our completed projects set the foundation for the Government projects in the ‘70s, which consisted of Irrigation structures (canals, aqueducts, and bridges) and layout formations for MUDA. By the ‘80s the firm was reconstituted with his sons, M. G Somashekar the Managing Director, and M.G Gangadhar, the Coorg Division Director. 

Through the ‘90s with increased efficiency alongside the utilization of contemporary construction methods, PG Setty was initiated as an early adapter for IT infrastructure and a construction firm in a rural forte.

In the 2000s, PG Setty was registered as a company (PG Setty Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) taking it towards higher aspirations, as the corporate office transferred to Mysore with Kushalnagar as the regional office and overall staff growth.

In 2005, PG Setty restored a large sector of the touristic locations at Kodagu. 

In 2010 PG Setty expanded its business with several Mass Housing Schemes for economically weaker sections to spread its wings to Bangalore, and take up further projects. Presently,  PG Setty is only adapting mass housing projects by using construction technologies.

In 2012 Ms.Bhavya Shetty a Civil Engineer by education and daughter of Mr. MG Somashekar, joined the workforce as the next generation leader of the organisation to manage the generations of dedication and hard work with her unique ideas and talents.